Let’s Start At The Very Beginning

We live in a opportune time because there are so many treatments and therapies available nowadays that have proven to be greatly beneficial, and are designed to aid special needs individuals enhance his or her abilities and by extension, his or her quality of life. 

Some therapies – such as physical therapy – are commonly deployed for those with mobility and function impairment. But others, like equine therapy – also known as hippotherapy – take an unconventional path in the effort to increase an individual’s physical strength and cognitive capabilities.

At its root, hippotherapy is based on the concept that a physically-challenged individual can benefit from both learned and spontaneous reactions while riding a horse. Conceived in the 1960s, hippotherapy is not that new of a concept, having already been used for decades primarily in Germany, Australia and Switzerland, albeit more as a companion therapy to better-known treatments. 

This form of therapy would later be recognised in the United States around 1980 as a programme that provided the clients with the opportunity of an exciting and enjoyable activity with positive contributions to therapeutic experiences while also increasing physical strength and cognitive capabilities in patients suffering from neuromuscular dysfunction, Down's syndrome and other types of disabilities.















What is hippotherapy?

Hippotherapy is more than just riding a horse. Many factors have to be considered for the child to gain the maximum therapeutic benefits from hippotherapy.

Watch this comprehensive video on what hippotherapy is and how it can be used to improve a child's quality of life. Hear the first-hand experience of parents & caretakers that have been on the hippotherapy journey and how it has benefited their child. 

The Pioneers Of Hippotherapy In Malaysia

In 2014, when Green Apple Hippotherapy opened its doors for the first time, we brought to Malaysia, an unprecedented form of therapy. Wary of introducing a little known therapy, we made sure we did our homework in order to bring in hippotherapy (equine therapy), in its purest medical-based form. To this day, we continue to improve ourselves by constantly updating our training and educating ourselves with the latest hippotherapy techniques. Even our horses are required to be re-trained regularly in order to keep them in optimal conditions, as not just any horse can be utilised for hippotherapy.


Although little known at the time, hippotherapy has slowly gained traction worldwide and more and more people are starting to realise the benefits of hippotherapy. We hope to reach more children and help more families through hippotherapy as we believe it can truly change lives.

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