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Meet Our Ponies

Green Apple is home to 3 special ponies, Tommy, Bambi and Rose. They are specially trained therapy ponies and are adept at riding with special needs children. With their gentle guidance, we hope they will grow to be a wonderful companion for your child on his/her journey of treatment.



Our resident cheeky boy here at Green Apple, Tommy brings his energetic confidence into the equestrian arena while maintaining his gentle nature.


He is extremely athletic in nature but is a kind soul at heart; always giving his best to the children he works with. Tommy specialises in the dressage form of riding.



Ever the darling of Green Apple, the lovable Bambi makes it known when she is around by asking for her much loved pats and strokes.


She is an amazingly gentle pony towards special needs children, radiating her calm aura to all those around her to instill a sense of peace. Bambi excels in dressage with uphill movements.



The lady of Green Apple, Rose, is an endearing pony who treats children with compassion and warmth. She is the sweetest pony around and also gives off an air of elegance.


She loves children and is a patient, loving teacher to the children she takes on rides. Rose is wonderful at dressage for special needs children.

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